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About Me

I am a web designer and content creator. I have been involved online with video marketing, affiliate marketing, graphic design, keyword research, social media and wordpress for 14 yrs now.

I also do a lot of different marketing methods like Facebook ads and have created a Shopify store, print on demand products and more for selling online by way of E commerce.

I love the challenge of discovering new ways to try and make money online. I have dabbled with different software, learned from mistakes and created new ones all in the quest to earn more money online through different methods.

In this blog I plan to share content, articles, software reviews and tips and tricks to help newbies and intermediate marketers online looking to learn new ways and strategies to earn more.

I hope you will read my content and maybe learn a thing or 2 a long the way to help you make more money online or to make things easier for you online.