My Smart Video Metrics Review

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Is My Smart Video Metrics a Scam or Effective?

Smart Video Metrics is a new software program launched by online video marketing pro Joshua Zamora. Josh has many successful software products out on the market to help others make money online.

In this SMART VIDEO METRICS review, i’ll try to show how using his newest video conversion tracking software users can begin to make money more effectively from online video marketing methods and getting more conversions through their video marketing methods.

Video Conversion Technology Software – How it Works

Smart Video Metrics is instant video conversion technology software.

It knows how much profit or leads and sales your Best & Worst videos are producing for you in your video marketing efforts.

It can tell you exactly how well your videos are converting.

Learn exactly how much each visitor view is worth to you and your business.

You can create video split tests and increase your profits using your BEST videos!

Josh Zamora has used 5 simple steps completed through his Smart Video Metrics software to make over $32,502.90 from just 2 videos online.

Video Marketing Can Earn You A Lot of Money – If It Works..

There is no shortage of video creation software on the market currently for people to create videos in just minutes.

Problem is most people do NOT know how to make their videos convert to help them make money!

Do Your Videos Convert and make you Money? Have you made a video or paid someone to make you a video and still have NOT had it convert and make you any money?

Many types of video creation software for video marketing efforts.

This Video Conversion Software Removes All The Guess Work..

You need to STOP creating videos and just throwing them up online and hoping that they will convert and make you some money. Why waste your time and money??

Get accurate data showing you which videos are converting using Smart Video Metrics

It will show you your video leads and sales. Your video profits and where in the world your sales/conversions are coming from.

Smart Video Metrics from Josh Zamora provides accurate data on your converting videos

Automatic Video Split Tests

Smart Video Metrics software can produce automatic video split tests that it will monitor, providing you with all data on your videos, showing the BEST performing such as:

-Total number of plays

-Total number of conversions

-Total revenue

-Conversion time

-Average video view duration

-Total conversion value

-As well as telling you where in the world your conversions are coming from.

Automated Start & Stop Display Times for Split Tests

You can set a STOP DATE for your video split tests. After which time, Smart Video Metrics will only display the BEST converting video for you automatically…. POWERFUL STUFF!

Smart Video Metrics will tell you which videos convert
Smart Video Metrics tells you what videos convert

How Much is Guessing going to continue to cost you in your Video Marketing Efforts?

How much time are you going to continue to waste not having accurate data?

Smart Video Metrics from My Video Spy
Stop Guessing & Wasting your Time & Money $$$

Gain the upper hand in your video marketing efforts with this never seen before software.

You have to get on board and purchase before they start charging a monthly plan price! (Even the monthly plan will be worth it with the data it provides for you!)

Smart Video Metrics provides 30 Day Money Back Guarantee– so you know you have protection and will be satisfied.

Grab Your copy today! Do NOT Wait!

Smart Video Metrics Money Back Guranatee

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My Smart Video Metrics Review